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Big Wednesday

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About Big Wednesday

  • Game Type:Lottery
  • Days Drawn: Wednesday
  • Participating States:New Zealand

How to Play Big Wednesday

Manually select 6 numbers from 1 to 50, plus either Heads, Tails, or both Heads and Tails, or opt to use the Dip system to automatically choose your all of your selections. The Dip system can randomly select everything for you, or just the numbers.

The lines of numbers and Head/Tail selections cost $1 each, and you must play a minimum of 4 lines of numbers and Head/Tail selections.

An option is available to choose both Head and Tails per line, for an additional cost of $1 per line.

Up to 10 consecutive game draws can be played in advance on the one ticket.

Win by:

  • matching all 6 numbers + the Heads or Tails selection
  • matching all 6 numbers
  • matching 5 of the 6 numbers
  • matching 4 of the 6 numbers
  • matching 3 of the 6 numbers

The 1st Division prize pool is a minimum of $2 million plus two luxury cars. If not won, the jackpot will rollover to the next week and another luxury prize will be added.