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About Winning Wheel

  • Game Type:Raffle
  • Days Drawn: Saturday
  • Participating States:New Zealand

How to Play Winning Wheel

Winning Wheel is a 'second-chance' to win using your Lotto entry. Each Lotto ticket has a 16 digit serial number, and each Lotto draw a random serial number is selected as the Winning Wheel number.

Winners have the choice of taking a $25,000 cash prize, or to appear on TV for the next week's Lotto draw and spin the Winning Wheel, where they could win one of 30 prizes - prizes include cars, cash and more. The minimum cash prize on offer is $100,000 and prizes range up to $1 million in value.

Please note, Lotto Strike tickets do not have the serial number, so they are not valid for entry in Winning Wheel.